For many years, "Sistas United, Inc." have helped youth, adults and the entire community (females and males). However, with today's economic crisis and the loss of millions of jobs, the need for our help is greater than ever!

Therefore, in order to continue helping those in need, "Sistas United" need your support. If you would be kind enough to donate at least $1, many needs can be met and many lives can be changed in a "Positive" way. Times are tough, but "Together" we can weather the storm!

"Sistas United, Inc." also ask that you help us spread the word of our $1 campaign, and invite others to contribute and support our cause/mission. Remember, many of us are one paycheck away from being one of those in need, so open your hearts and be willing to sacrifice at least $1.

On behalf of "Sistas United, Inc." and all those in need, we want to say "Thank You" for your generousity and continued support!

CFC #82375