Sistas United, Inc. provided me with the following skills: computer training, resume' writing, interviewing techniques, and mock interviews. Because of their professionalism and encouragement I have obtained a job at Metro and I am currently employed. - Michael Thomas, DC

Sistas United, Inc. provides an excellent service to the community. I have had the opportunity to experience some of the professional and courteous service they have provided to the community. But most of all, I was impressed by their diverse knowledge and genuine concern for my needs. - Loni Burton, MD

Sistas United, Inc. provides a great service to those in need and the entire community. Their Job and Education Preparation Program is extremely helpful to those of us entwined in the seemingly never-ending job search. With their willingness to help anyone at anytime has made it possible for many to obtain employment, education, food and housing. Sistas United Inc. has made an amazing impact on me and my family. Denise Kelly, DC

Sistas United, Inc. work diligently with the community and its residents to assist them with their needs. Their passion and commitment for the community is without question a very large part of who they are, an advocate for the people. I've formed the greatest admiration for Sistas United's strong work ethic and find it to be astonishingly effective by both their peers and the people they serve. - Mattie Wimberly, VA

Sistas United, Inc. has done nothing but supported the community and they are faithful. They have taken on youth mentoring projects in the heart of DC's low-income housing developments to help young girls learn proper etiquette that will help them succeed in the world. They have also addressed Domestic Violence and AIDS Awareness issues. Sistas United, Inc. thrive off of serving and educating others, with the goal of making a positive difference in their lives. - Queen Afi Gaston, DC

Sistas United, Inc. has extended a helping hand to inform, support, and educate not just our youth but adults as well. From the educational walls to the homeless, if Sistas United is involved, it is guaranteed that the mission will be accomplished. Sistas United, Inc. has also given hope to those who have nothing and has strengthened those in need. - Nigadel Jordan, DC

Sistas United, Inc. has provide me with the necessary skills, support, and supplies to go forward and obtain my GED. Sistas United programs have given me and the community a chance to achieve our goals and better ourselves. - Tamiko Wages, DC

Sistas United, Inc. has been a part of the Benning Terrace Community for the past 3 years and if they were not in the community, more of our youth would be lost. Sistas United has made a positive change in the youth and the community. - Denise Hill, DC